Jim Kavanagh: Overcoming Trigeminal Neuralgia

I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and had surgery to repair the myelin sheath around the nerve.


Part 7- Change in Habits


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About Jim Kavanagh

Jim was born in Scotland and moved to the United States in 1955, residing in Fair Haven, New Jersey for most of his life.  After high school, he joined the air force and spent a year in Vietnam.  It was there that he was exposed to agent orange, which may have caused his condition.
He developed trigeminal neuralgia about six years ago.  After a toothache and chronic pain, he saw a dentist and an oral surgeon and was placed on a nerve-healing medication.  The pain came back after he had moved, so he saw another dentist and then an endodontist.  The pain persisted even after having a tooth pulled (the alleged culprit).  Jim saw more perplexed dentists and specialists until he was finally sent to the head of dentistry at the UMDJ.  
This doctor sent him to the Facial Pain Management Center, where he was finally diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia.  After a tiresome search, he happened to find a doctor in his own hometown who did work on the trigeminal nerve.  Despite a dramatic increase in his medication, Jim experienced a debilitating bout of pain.  At this point his doctor decided he needed to be operated on.  
After a successful surgery, Jim is currently pain-free and continues to live an active, healthy lifestyle.
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