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healtheo360 is a caring community for Patients with chronic conditions, their Caregivers,
Family Members and Friends to share their stories of inspiration, motivation and support.

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Health Talk

h360 HealthTalk: Dan Dillard & Jay Talsania | Fireworks Safety (Part 1)

Dave sits down with Dan Dillard from the Burn Prevention Network and orthopedic surgeon, Jay Talsania, to discuss the potential dangers of using fi...

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h360 HealthTalk: Mark Dillon | Bio Med Sciences (Part 2)

Mark Dillon continues his conversation with Dave about the burn healing process, and how Bio Med Sciences creates innovative solutions for patients...

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h360 HealthTalk: Tom Corrigan & Caryl Harris | Avery's Hope (Part 3)

Dave concludes his conversation with Caryl and Tom, who offer helpful advice to those who have loved ones suffering. 

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h360 HealthTalk: Dave Duplay | Sleep Apnea (Part 3)

Dave and Doug conclude their conversation about Dave's journey with Sleep Apnea. Dave explains how treatment has improved his life, and why it&...

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Health News

Hypertension treatment may slow down Alzheimer's progression

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia. This progressive disorder causes the degeneration and, ultimately, the death of brain cells. Researchers have been looking for treatments to slow the progression of the disorder and recently...

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Higher levels of doublets in flow cytometry indicate tuberculosis or dengue fever

Sorting through individual immune cells is a handy way to see how the body responds to disease. For years, researchers around the world have used a technique called flow cytometry to separate different types of immune cells, such as T cells, B cells ...

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Study shows how gastric stem cells fight colonizing bacteria

Stem cells are not only key players in tissue regeneration, they are also capable of taking direct action against bacteria. Approximately 50 percent of the world's population are infected with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, the most important ri...

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Making Bacterial Infections a Thing of the Past for Chronic Respiratory Conditions

It is possible for patients to have a long-term respiratory infection, causing intermittent episodes of exacerbation where their symptoms increase, often on a background or baseline of continuous symptoms but they flare up and get worse - we call the...

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