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healtheo360 is a caring community where patients with chronic conditions, their caregivers, family and friends share their stories of inspiration, motivation and support.

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healtheo360 is a caring community for Patients with chronic conditions, their Caregivers,
Family Members and Friends to share their stories of inspiration, motivation and support.

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Health Talk

h360 HealthTalk: Joey's Little Angels (Part 3)

James and Nicole Angiolino share with Dave how they've coped with grief since the loss of their son, Joey, in 2010. They discuss the importance...

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h360 HealthTalk: Meg McQuarrie | The Elixir Fund (Part 2)

Dave concludes his conversation with Meg McQuarrie about the the unique ways that The Elixir Fund supports cancer patients and their families. ...

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h360 HealthTalk: Joey's Little Angels (Part 2)

Dave finishes his conversation with James and Nicole Angiolino from Joey’s Little Angels, a local charity whose mission is to provide financi...

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h360 HealthTalk: Advancing Opportunities | Special Education Advocates (Part 2)

Dave sits down with Jack Mudge and Vanessa Lombardo of Advancing Opportunities, to discuss the importance of assistive technology in the lives of t...

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Health News

Incidence of NTM lung disease appears to be increasing, especially among women and the elderly

The number of people newly infected each year and the number of people living with nontuberculous mycobacterial lung disease appears to be increasing, especially among women and those 65 and older, according to new research published online in the An...

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Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID): What to know

Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) is a recently recognized eating disorder. People with ARFID stop growing and gaining weight as they do not eat enough calories.

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Government insured patients with breast cancer at increased risk of death

A retrospective study of nearly 9800 women with breast cancer who participated in randomized clinical trials was presented today at the 2019 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

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How two experimental Alzheimer's drugs reverse aging

New research in mice reveals the molecular and genetic mechanisms through which two Alzheimer's drug candidates can reverse aging in general.

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