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healtheo360 is a caring community where patients with chronic conditions, their caregivers, family and friends share their stories of inspiration, motivation and support.

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healtheo360 is a caring community for Patients with chronic conditions, their Caregivers,
Family Members and Friends to share their stories of inspiration, motivation and support.

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Health Talk

h360 HealthTalk: Mike Lloyd | The Rare Disease Journey (Part 1)

On today's episode, Mike Lloyd shares his rare disease story with Dave. From diagnosis to treatment to coping with the lack of information avai...

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h360 HealthTalk: Holiday Safety (Part 2)

Dave Duplay and Tyann Sells continue to share safety tips that will help ensure your holiday season is full of only the best memories.  &n...

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h360 HealthTalk: Minding Your Mind (Part 1)

Dave sits down with Scott Prendergast of Minding Your Mind, an organization dedicated to eradicating the stigma around mental health, through ...

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h360 HealthTalk: Joey's Little Angels (Part 3)

James and Nicole Angiolino share with Dave how they've coped with grief since the loss of their son, Joey, in 2010. They discuss the importance...

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Health News

Beauty sleep could be real, say body clock biologists

Study shows how circadian clock mechanisms boost our ability to maintain our bodies when we are most active.

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'Methylation clock' gene found to have functional role in aging of the eye

A lengthy-named gene called Elongation of Very Long Chain Fatty Acids Protein 2 or ELOVL2 is an established biomarker of age.

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Blue light can help heal mild traumatic brain injury

Daily, early morning exposure to blue light therapy can help the healing process in people suffering from mild traumatic brain injury.

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Drinking More Tea -- Especially Green -- May Help You Live Longer

Looking to live healthier in the new year? You might consider drinking more tea. A new report from doctors in China has found that regular tea consumption is linked to more healthy years of life and a longer life span.

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