Your friends can heal your condition

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Your friends can heal your condition

Your friends can heal your condition

Literally, no, they cannot.

But they can do something wonderful that makes you forget about the past 20 years.

Those past 20 years, you’ve been haunted by your two surgeries, when you were four years old.

Something happens. When their dog has just passed and they’ve worked a 60 hour work week. You’re currently battling the return of depression, along with missing your parents and feeling lonely.

Something happens when you go over on a Friday night, because you offered to make them dinner and they ring you in.

That moment when they let you in and you put down the groceries. Not even a word is said during the entrance.

And you just embrace her. Then there’s a subtle “hey buddy” from her and a “hey” from you.

In those 10 seconds, the medical records just went through the paper shredder.

All of her stress is gone.

And finally, there’s a smile from both.

Nothing in history can beat that feeling that occurs in those few seconds.

Take advantage of it.


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