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To many gym owners and fitness instructors, this topic has been an issue of major concern because it becomes surprising when there lots of clients coming in during the beginning of the year due to these great expectations of getting the desired shape and form, lose those excess weight and take up that glamorous look just in time for summer.

People sign up for gym activities as part of their “New Year’s resolution .But unfortunately for the gym owners and instructors, by the middle of February, the herd of clients clustering around the machines waiting for their turns disappears. The main focus of this article is to discuss the reasons for abandoning the gym succinctly in an expository manner.

Limitations in Time:

Time constraints coupled with the thought of getting out of bed early in the morning to engage in some physical activities before setting out to work can seem very overwhelming and daunting. Because it’s quite natural to desire to lie on the bed, ignore the alarm and get another hour of sleep. Most people will want to shift their gym sessions in the evening after a long day at work but this doesn’t seem appealing also with so many other engagements begging for attention like the items in the to-do lists, it becomes a lot easier to push the gym aside probably for the next day.


If this list were to be arranged in order of importance, this item should come first. Truth be told, everything that has to do with the gym costs money, form initial sign up to regular membership fees to sports kits and wears and all that, many people won’t want to continue losing money to gym membership fees if they’re not going that often. In spite of all said and done, money is unarguably one of the most significant reasons why people denounce their gym membership.

Desire for Results:

Most times, people go to the gym with a particular aim in mind but when after about a month of active membership and no significant results suggests positivity, they are most likely going to lose motivation and zeal. This is especially true for newbies. People want to get prompt gratifications and recompenses from whatever they’re doing but it becomes frustrating when we don’t see the outcomes which more often than not are amplified by compelling adverts like “get rid of 60 lbs in 4 weeks” flooding the media today.

In spite of these reasons for quitting the gym membership, it’s very important that we pay attention to the value we stand to acquire by going to the gym other than the expenses involved. This will go a long way to serve a major key for motivation and encouragement.

Finally we should bear in mind that going to the gym is synonymous to the process of habituation and as soon as we get the results we want, it becomes overpowering and the process becomes easier. In as much as instant reward feels very desirable, but this goes on to imbibe in us the mentality that if it doesn’t come as soon as we want then it’s not worth the time and the money and it’s this mentality that drives our urge to quit the gym.

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