Whispers in the Night

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Whispers in the Night

July 2012 To have a conversation with my mom is nearly impossible now days. Alzheimer’s has stolen that ability away. I try and try to converse with her, but it is usually one sided on my end, just very simple responses on her part, a sweet smile, or a blank stare. However, many nights, if not every night, she has conversations with herself. This baffles me and to be honest, is quite upsetting and disturbing for me, her caregiver. To try so hard to communicate on a daily basis and get so little in response and then to hear her talking with herself what seems like all night is mind boggling. I can never fully make out her full conversations with herself, as it is usually whispers in the night, but I do know that she is using words, making sentences, and conversing. If I enter the room and try to join in this night time conversation, she is immediately silent. Almost as if she knows it is not “normal” to talk to yourself. If I ask her a question or try to comment on what she was saying I usually just get a blank stare, like a stranger interrupting a private conversation between friends. I have caught certain phrases she has said and to know what these are is heartbreaking. I have heard her say, “I just don’t know!” and “I just don’t know what to do?” and “It is not how it is.” Phrase such as this just make me feel like she is tormented and suffering on the inside and what is worse she feels she can’t share those feelings with me and I am all she has. October 2012 The whispers in the night seemed to have stopped. Just another sign of further progression of this horrid disease. I miss the haunting whispers. Even though I know they were a sign of the confusion and torment that must be going on inside her mind, I miss hearing her voice and knowing that she doesn’t seem to be trying to work it out any more, makes me frightened. I feel as though time is short, days are numbered. I may be wrong, but I am realistic to know that as the whispers in the night fade, so does mom.


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Toni, This is heartbreaking! If, Seeing your loved ones suffering is not enough, The helplessness you feel is a bigger torture! May god give you strength in this trying period. My prayers are with you and your beloved Mom!

Sep 16, 2016 - 10:57 AM by Kevin L

I was just reading this and my tears are streaming down my face. I really hate this disease. I want you to know that you are not alone. Love them and take care of your love ones. The do show there love one way or another. My moms smile is worth a worth a million bucks. My prayers are with you god bless

Feb 07, 2014 - 9:37 PM by Miriam T

Well..... for how long she has been doing so, I don't know. But the past history is a fact that should be taken account. whispering is not a disease or kind of problem; it's just handling a situation which she doesn't except or anticipate at all. All she wants is to talk to her for a solution.... that's all.

Oct 10, 2012 - 7:42 AM by dexmedia d

Toni - I know how you feel about the Whispers in the night. We have begun to notice that my mother is beginning to sometimes have short conversations with herself and like your mom, she immediately stopes of someone comes in the room. It is really unclear as to what my mom is saying because most of the time is is just a few shorts words here and there. I did get an email from a healtheo360 member who has a father with this horrible condition who told me his father went through a period about a year ago where he would constantly talk to himself, when it stopped for about 9 to 10 months and now it is back. It is also very heartbreaking to me to see my mom go through this but I also find comfort in knowing that she is well taken care of by my father, sister and her family (who live close to her) and others who love her. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. As Always - Be Well. Dave

Oct 10, 2012 - 7:06 AM by David D

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