where did it go?

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where did it go?

Okay, where'd it go? I did stay up talking cause when I get the chance to talk to someone Im gonna. So I slept most of the day, well some of it and then I was up to talk to my insurance lady to try to get to see this particular doctor who is really nice instead of this other doctor who has 1 and 1 1/2 stars for ratings and I got tired and layed down and I don't remember when I got up or if I ate or not and if I did , what did I have? I remember taking turmeric but no other meds so ...oops. and I was supposed to call the doctor back but Im not sure why. I am not diagnosed (story of my life) I was diagnosed with dystonia last september and about 12 people have tried to undiagnose me which has really helped a lot. so I want to go to this nice doctor and he doesnt take my insurance and my husband wont pay him in advance then be reimbursed but he has no problem buying himself things so guess what I am buying.. I have to get up and go to the sleep doctor and tell her what crap it is that the other company I did the sleep study with wont give me a video but the tech told me my head was all over and the lady that called me to tell me that they messed up I do need to see the doctor anyway and bring in my cpap Im like I havent used that for years. she's like ok dont bring it in. I felt like saying "I move 47 times an hour in REM sleep are you going to use the hose to tie me down so I dont wiggle? cause I had like 8 apneas. Okay, I am aware this doesnt make sense but it is that kind of day. good night new friends


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