What's in my beach bag

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What's in my beach bag

A day at the beach with some friends is must do during the summer! So what do you bring to the beach? Here are my top 7 beach essentials:

Beach towel: Spread a colorful beach towel and lay across it or dry yourself off when you come out of the water! Pick a large beach towel big enough to share with a friend!

Sun hat or cap: Protect your head and block out the sun's glare to stay cooler. Avoid that feeling of the sun burning the top of your head and enjoy the cool ocean breeze!

Sunscreen: No one likes painful sunburn or looking like a lobster, so prevent it by applying a sunscreen of SPF 50 and reapplying every hour. Apply immediately after coming out of the water because the salt water might wash off the sunscreen!

Sunglasses: Wearing sunglasses to the beach do more than make you look stylish. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun's UV glare and protect the eyelids from sunburn, which are sensitive parts of the face.

Water bottle: Stay hydrated at the beach by drinking plenty of water. Water is the ideal drink because soda or juice can actually cause dehydration later.

Headphones: I always listen to music wherever I go and with headphones, you can listen to your music at the beach without disturbing anyone else!

Flip flops: Protect your feet from the burning sand with easy flip on and off flip flops!

Going to the beach should be fun and stress free!


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