What I've Accomplished with Diabetes! (D-Blog Week: Day 1)

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What I've Accomplished with Diabetes! (D-Blog Week: Day 1)

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Happy Diabetes Blog Week!

New video every single day from May 11th - 17th!

Today's Topic Description: "I Can - Monday 5/11"

In the UK, there was a diabetes blog theme of "I can...” that participants found wonderfully empowering. So lets kick things off this year by looking at the positive side of our lives with diabetes. What have you or your loved one accomplished, despite having diabetes, that you weren't sure you could? Or what have you done that you've been particularly proud of? Or what good thing has diabetes brought into your life? (Thank you to the anonymous person who submitted this topic suggestion.)

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Congratulations on all your accomplishments and never giving up. Continue to strive for the best and to be the best.

Jun 03, 2015 - 10:39 AM by Olivia H

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