What is causing Breast Cancer?

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What is causing Breast Cancer?

As a Breast Cancer Survivor, it's been very heart warming to see how much awareness has been raised in recent years. We have all come to understand the importance of how early detection makes Breast Cancer less difficult to treat and greatly increases the survivability rate! Now, What I'd really like to know is WHY so many women are getting Breast Cancer. What is it that is causing and promoting this horrible disease? What can we do to PREVENT Breast Cancer??? For example, one of the things I've read that is promoting Breast Cancer is too much exposure to estrogen. And, things that mimic estrogen or hormone disruptors, like the chemical Bisphenol A or BPA. This is found in plastic containers and bottles. This is why many companies are advertising their containers as BPA Free. This is one of the ways we can try to avoid this chemical. Now, that Breast Cancer Awareness has been successfully imbedded in most woman's minds, I'd love to see more women become aware of ways to prevent it. I know I'm certainly interested in any new research as I'm sure so many of you are, also! If you've heard or know of any new research please, share! Maybe, we can start shifting some of the focus to preventing Breast Cancer in the first place!


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Annabella - Thank so much for your story and you are asking a number of important and relevant questions about why so many woman are getting breast cancer? Your comments and question around BPA Free products raises a very important point... What are companies that distribute their products in plastic containers doing about this? Just think of all the products from bottled water to so many of the foods we buy fall right into this category. As you uncover other things like this during your research, I hope you share them with our community. Thanks again for another great story and As Always - Be Well. Dave

Dec 01, 2012 - 11:09 AM by David D

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