VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation)

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VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation)

This is an out patient
procedure that takes about 2-3 hours. This is where a small
generator about the size of a silver dollar is place under the
skin in the left breast. Then a lead wire is connected to the
generator the ran under the skin the a second incision is
made to connect the lead to the Vagus Nerve.

What Does VNS Do?:
The small generator creates a small electrical current that is
sent through the lead to the Vagus Nerve to give the brain
an electrical shock.
The electrical shock is used to control the electrical misfires
in the brain that cause seizures. The VNS give a dose of
stimulation to the brain every 3-5 minutes depending on the
settings made by your doctor.

How Are Setting Changed:
Settings can be changed through the skin with an electronic
wand that is connected to a computer. A person with VNS
will have to make regular visits to the doctor for adjustments
of electrical stimulation. The wand is also used to check the
life of the battery in the VNS. The battery life is anywhere
between 10-15 years depending on the settings.

My Life With VNS:
I have had my VNS implant since July 6, 2012, and I will say
that it has dramatically cut down the amount of seizures I
have. I still have other problems that come with having
Leukodystrophy but as far as my seizure go I have better
control over them. If I do have a seizure I have a magnet on
my wrist that I can wave over my chest to give an extra dose
of stimulation and stop a seizure if I feel one coming on.


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