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Joseph I hope you're doing well today. When you go out riding, how soon does this feeling start to manifest? A few things to try are:

1. Note when you start to feel like you're experiencing an attack. Then time your rests in between these instances.

2. Very important that you discuss this with your doctor/ specialist and explain how it's affecting you. He/ she will be able to suggest some things you can do differently

3. Always do a pre-biking warm-up before you set out

4. Check the air-quality report in your area. Even winter weather can induce allergic reactions that aggravate asthmatic symptoms. Breathing in cold air results in cold, dry airways - a trigger for bronchospasm. A good weather site is (they have an app too!) Invest in Fleece balaclavas or a neck gaiter, they don't free against your face like cotton does.

5. Always carry your rescue inhaler, which I am sure you do. You also want to have a asthma action plan confirmed with your doctor which details steps you should take if you have an asthma attack. A good practice is to wear a medical alert bracelet. It comes in handy in emergency situations.

It's great to have a form of physical activity you enjoy. In fact exercise has been seen to help people with asthma. Another thing you could try is riding with a friend. If your friends aren't into biking, you can find and join a group on

I hope these suggestions help!


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