Thibodauxgynob - How the Thibodaux Gyn/OB fertility Clinic is helping women in Louisiana

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Thibodauxgynob - How the Thibodaux Gyn/OB fertility Clinic is helping women in Louisiana

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Regardless of age, women should periodically check their health for gynecological and obstetric issues. For those who reside at Louisiana, Thibodaux Obstetrics and Gynecology can be the ultimate clinic. The clinic has a specialized team comprising experienced doctors and nurse practitioners. Together, they passionately work towards the wellbeing of women’s health.

Customized plan to ensure wellness

The specialty of Thibodaux Gyn/OB fertility Clinic is, they treat each of their patients with utmost care. They always come up with a tailor-made treatment plan for guaranteeing gynecological and obstetrics wellness. The clinic takes pride for its state-of-the-art amenities that include the most advanced technology for supporting even the smallest needs of the women. It also offers free 30-minute phone consultations. Therefore, anyone can call the clinic to understand how it can address the gynecological, obstetrical, reproductive, and premenopausal conditions. The clinic offers a wide array of treatment facilities which are briefly described below.

Infertility treatments

There has been an alarming increase in the cases of infertility. At Thibodaux Gyn/Ob couples can expect to get a solution to their problems. The experienced doctors will suggest the appropriate infertility treatment, including IVF after evaluating the couple.

Tubal Reversal Surgery

The clinic has one of the most experienced doctors in Dr. Morice who has more 14 years of experience in performing tubal reversal surgeries. They also have a Tubal reversal Center at Morgan City, Louisiana. For patients, who have a good chance of achieving pregnancy after rectifying their fallopian tubes, the tubal surgery procedure is the best option. It is far less expensive in comparison to IVF and has a higher success rate.

Obstetrics and Prenatal Care

There isn’t a better clinic that takes care of the women during their pregnancy period. The clinic has the most advanced ultrasound techniques which help the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. They also prioritize on the requests of the patients for delivery; whether the woman seeks a vaginal birth or Cesarean birth, they will do the needful to ensure a safe birth. The clinic also deals with high-risk obstetrics. They also help in vaginal births after Cesarean, identifying and treating the reason for recurrent miscarriages, counseling, and much more.

Gynecology and Women’s health

Thibodaux Gyn/OB fertility clinic realizes the importance of offering the best care a woman to prevent the onset of gynecological problems. They have a wide variety of facilities that includes an annual examination of the patient, Colposcopy/Leep, Biopsies, birth control, and a plethora of surgeries. Couples on the lookout for a renowned fertility clinic will rarely find any other clinics that deal with such diverse surgical methods like laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, endometrial ablation, Essure removal, robotic surgeries, and abdominal surgeries.

Cosmetic Treatments

The clinic also offers an additional facility, the cosmetic treatments. Some of the procedures include laser hair removal, botox treatment for wrinkles, labiaplasty, incontinence sling procedure, and vaginal rejuvenation.

The dedicated staffs of Thibodaux Gyn/OB will always be there for their patients. They make the patients feel at home with their hospitality. If you are based around Louisiana, feel free contacting the clinic and bestow them the responsibility of your gynecological and obstetrical issues.

Watch out the attached video about the success rates of tubal reversal surgery.
You can reach out to Dr. Morice from Thibodaux Ob/Gyn at: (985) 446-2890


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