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Success Story

Today I experienced firsthand how Axona can affect the lives of both patients and caregivers. I was in a neurology practice in Richmond, VA and was discussing Axona as well as the mail order pharmacy process available to patients taking Axona. As I was discussing the mail order pharmacy program, a lady approached me and said "Axona is great." I said, “Yes ma'am, it is.” She continued by sharing that her husband was taking several medications for Alzheimer’s, and continued by saying, "It was not until he started taking Axona that I began to see a difference in him." I was truly moved by her feedback. As I was walking to my car, the caregiver came running up to me and started again to share with me the difference Axona has made in her husband. As she was explaining the differences she’s witnessed in her husband, she was struggling to hold back her tears. The lady said that her husband struggled with anxiety, anger, depression sundowners, and forgetfulness, and since the introduction of Axona, these symptoms have dissipated. At this point, she hugged me and I was fighting back the tears. When we parted ways, the sweet lady said, “Thank you for giving me back my husband.” Like the impact Axona has on patient lives, Accera as a company is making an impact on me professionally as well. Accera’s culture is nothing like that of any other pharmaceutical company I’ve worked for. At Accera, I feel valued and a part of a team, not just another employee number. Accera’s culture values the individual, and the patient. When I discussed the Richmond experience with my manager, he said “success is not measured in the number of prescriptions we earn, rather, the number of patients we help.” This value system is not unique to my manager, as I have witnessed this attitude from my CEO, National Sales Director, Regional Business Director and peers. I can honestly tell you that I have never been more inspired to promote a product, nor have I ever been more proud because I learned firsthand the difference that Axona can make in these patients suffering with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease. I felt that this was a very touching and inspiring story and thought it should be shared.


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