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My mother was diagnosed with Alzhiemers approximately 12 years ago. She was in the early stage for around 6 years. She was retired but always kept a part time job. She and my father picked up my children from school, she was the driver because my father didn't like to drive. She was an elegant, independent, go getter and It has been difficult seeing her decline for so long. Her shift from early to moderate stage came from one day to the next. She went to work at my office 4 hours a day, then go back home where she lived with my Dad. One morning she woke up and didn't know where she was supposed to go. My father called us to come home because my Mom was not doing well. At that point there was no more work, no more driving, and everything changed.

Ever since, it's like being on a never ending rollercoaster ride of emotions. I am 47, I have 2 teenagers which are 11 months apart, I am self employed, and my Husband and only sister work with me. Add to all of this the physical stage of life I'm in, which makes me an easy cryer, and I think you can easily see the every day rollercoaster analogy. I occasionally write simply as a release that helps me focus and keep going. I keep my Faith and look for Gods messages of hope and strength. He keeps placing special people( new and old) in our path that help us care for my parents, guide us to take the right steps to care for our family (young and old) and provide a support system of Faith to heal our hearts and soul when we feel we can't go on much longer.


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