Received my neuropsych test results today

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Received my neuropsych test results today

Good morning all,

Today was more or less the end of a long, frustrating 7 month journey. I first posed my cognitive problems to my PCP 7 months ago who then referred me to a neurologist who then referred me to a neuropsychologist where I was finally tested and received results today. Unfortunately my results were extremely varied and left the neuropsychologist scratching his head. He said the results were indicative of several things but most notably Alzheimer's and Lewy Body with neither truly standing out above the other. So we did a mini extended interview to review more of my symptoms. Afterwards he said he was willing to tell me he believed I was in the very early stages of DLB but not secure enough in that belief to commit it to paper (computer). He was very definite that it wasn't vascular dementia or depression/anxiety.
So, he is sending a report back to my neurologist, who can see all of my testing on my echart and I will see him in about a week. The report will say there is notable cognitive decline and memory issues but no clear indication of a particular disease. He believes the neurologist will start me on meds in order to gain an early advantage in hopefully slowing the progression of my decline. He says I may want to consider retesting in 12-18 months unless there is clear, steady decline.
I wish I had been clear enough to have thought of asking him about the possibility of mixed dementia but that was not the case. Needless to say, today was trying/tiring and I still am not completely recovered but tomorrow is another day. And I am one step closer to knowing what's going on.
Take care,


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