Night guards!

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Night guards!

I'm knee deep in night guards over here! In dealing with my chronic pain from TMJ and trying to delay further damage to my teeth and gum recession, my dentist has me wear a night guard. I've had one night guard or another for the better part of 15 years and I literally destroy each one. Most people are worried about their dogs getting a hold of it and chewing it to pieces, but I take care of this every night in my sleep. Hooray for my jaws of steel! So my dentist just created a new one for me and as much as it's annoying (not to mention super good looking) to wear, I definitely do feel some relief when I wear it consistently. I have less headaches every day, less jaw pain, less clenching of my jaw when I'm going about my day. But I do also find it a little frustrating that I've only worn this new guard for one night and already I've worn some nice grooves into it. Here we go again!


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