Kakasana - The Crow Posture | Kakasana Yoga Pose at World of Yoga

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Kakasana - The Crow Posture | Kakasana Yoga Pose at World of Yoga

Kakasana, the crow pose got its name because in this posture, the posture of a cawing crow – with the body’s weight supported on the elbows and hands and the head thrust well forward.

One of the most valuable balancing poses, the Crow or Kakasana is in fact relatively easy to achieve, tough it may look advanced. It is not recommended to the yoga beginners as it requires more body strength in balancing the posture. However, those who are strong enough can try this pose.

While performing Kakasana, you have to keep your mind focused. This posture is about focusing your attention solely on keeping your balance. Practising the Crow pose in your yoga class will greatly strengthen your wrists, arms and shoulders, improve your concentration, and increase your breathing capacity by expanding the chest.

Kakasana helps in maintaining overall fitness. Steps to perform this asana are as follows :

1. Squat down with feet about shoulder width apart and hand flat on the floor in front of the feet with the fingers facing forward. Slightly bend the elbows so that the elbows are facing outwards.

2. Rise on your toes lean forward and place the knee in such a way that the inside of the knee touches the outside of the upper arm as near as possible to the armpits.

3. Lean forward further transferring the body weight to the arms and lifting the feet off the floor. Try to bring both the feet together. Hold the final position for as long as is comfortable.

4. Slowly lower the feet to the floor and relax.


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