Healthcare Marketers Benefit by New Industry Collaboration Driving 360-degree Patient Targeting and Engagement

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Healthcare Marketers Benefit by New Industry Collaboration Driving 360-degree Patient Targeting and Engagement

PRINCETON, NJ and WILMINGTON, DE, January 6, 2020 – healtheo360 and Data360, LLC announce a joint venture connecting healthcare marketers with patients and caregivers for valuable engagement with relevant content to improve disease state awareness.

The patient journey, which winds through many decision points and influencers, requires that healthcare marketers connect with individuals at the right time, with the right information, in the right place. Achieving that goal demands a comprehensive view of patient audiences and their specific needs for ailment information and support. That’s where Data360 and healtheo360 come together for optimal targeting and engagement.

“We are excited about joining forces that allow the best content and the best data sources to serve our healthcare communities and professionals,” says James Miller, President & CEO, Data360, LLC. “Together in partnership we can build valuable portals and communities for patients and caregivers to improve disease state awareness.”

“Data360 is the perfect partner for us to gain access to the largest first-party, double opted-in database. Now we’re empowered to lead patients to our communities where they can find support, inspiration, and education tailored to their specific needs,” says David Duplay, Founder and CEO, healtheo360. “Plus, with the launch of our patent-pending Artificial Intelligence (AI) toolset, h360 AlbertTM, this partnership provides pharma and healthcare leaders the ability to identify key markers in the patient journey and develop specific communities with content tailored to their unique needs on a large scale.”

About Data360

Data360 provides products and services that meet the needs of intersecting worlds including data, marketing, publishing, compliance, and more. Our clients rely on us for a total 360-degree compliant communications solution – from sourcing and strategy to execution and evaluation. We are a strategic partner for healthcare marketers and data providers seeking essential readiness for the landscape ahead that requires high quality data, complete transparency, and compliant processes to achieve superior targeting and drive audience engagement. Learn more at or call 888.400.1573.

About healtheo360

healtheo360 was founded after CEO David S. Duplay was in search of support for his sister-in-law after she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. healtheo360 serves the life sciences industry through their Virtual Social Therapy® engagement programs, providing real world evidence-based solutions and insights that address the patient education gaps and unmet needs in the marketplace. For more information on healtheo360 and the services it provides, visit the corporate website at or call 877.631.0216.


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