Halfway Mark!

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Halfway Mark!

I've officially made it halfway through my chemo treatments and this Thursday I will be receiving #5 out of 8 sessions. My treatment plan is to do 4 infusions of adriamycin and cytoxan then 4 infusions of taxol. I'm excited to be finished with adriamycin and cytoxan, those were not a fun combination of drugs. My care team tells me that taxol is a much better tolerated medication, which is great news! I thankfully haven't experienced many of the negative side effects of treatment so far, so I'm hoping that things continue to run smoothly as they change me over to taxol.

In addition to learning about changing meds at my last appointment, I also received some incredible news. My oncologist told me that I'm having a "dramatic, dramatic, dramatic" response to the treatment and that my tumor has shrunk significantly. This is so encouraging and exciting to hear - it really goes to show that the power of positivity can take us such a long way on our health journey.

In the months since my diagnosis, I've unfotunately learned of many other friends, and friends of friends, who have now joined me in this battle, from breast cancer, to ovarian cancer, to recurrances of other cancers, and I pray that each of them has as powerful results as I have had. For some of them, it is difficult to stay positive, and I can certainly see why but it breaks my heart to see that someone feels defeated even before treatment begins. Even though you may not know them, I hope you all will keep them in your thoughts and prayers as well.


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So happy to hear about the dramatic response to treatment! You remain an inspiration to us. Love, Debby & Ken

Mar 21, 2017 - 3:35 PM by Debby B

Courtland, I'm SOOOOOOOO happy you are having a positive response :) And yes keep those positive thoughts flowing - you have the spirit :)

Mar 12, 2017 - 12:31 PM by Mark S

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