Genteel Lancing Device - Review!

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Genteel Lancing Device - Review!

About this video:

My thoughts on the Genteel Lancing Device!

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[Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free to review and the staff treated my friend and I to lunch, however I was not paid to make this video. I have an affiliate relationships with Genteel, but as always all views are my own and 100% honest.]

Genteel's added comments:

"While the vacuum feature does not technically lesson pain, it does allow blood to be drawn from a more shallow site which lowers the pain.

Genteel is bigger than conventional lancing devices because all of the extra technology that makes it effective is built into the device, so all these "springs and things" need room to move around.

Most users should not have to hold it any longer amount of time to draw up blood. It should happen instantly if the right Contact Tip is being used. You can also make the draw faster, and get more blood, by gently "pumping Genteel up and down while drawing." While it also works even with conventional lancet holders, rubbing the test area just prior to lancing works especially well with Genteel because of its vacuum. It's both a mechanical and technique-driven process.

You don't have anything to lose with the 4-month money back guarantee. It is worth giving it a try because it will most probably work for you or especially for a child. You are supplied with a free packet of lancets so you can try it right out of the box. Also, for more info check out our instructional video at"

Thanks for watching! Let me know if you try it!! :)


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[DISCLAIMER: Nothing I post should be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you have questions about your individual diabetes management and overall health.]


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