Dr. James Galvin Discusses the Diagnosis Process of Lewy Body Dementia

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Dr. James Galvin Discusses the Diagnosis Process of Lewy Body Dementia

About this video:

Dr. Galvin talks about how Lewy Body Dementia is diagnosed in most patients.


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I have had RLS for 10 years, recently I have been falling out of bed last sleep study 47 movements per hour in REM sleep. Fired from my first job ever for poor cognition in 2015 at 49 years old, begin with neuro movements before that and told no one, diagnosed with Dystonia September 2015, put on admin. leave from full time job feb 2016. Diagnosd with brain damage july 2016, Doctor mentions Lewy body today 10-13-16 PET on Monday. Have seen people and things for quite a while. Oh, and pulse weekend before last 160 and 166 last week 47. I am text book aren't I ?

Oct 14, 2016 - 3:57 AM by Lorraine T

Can LBD be diagnosed with an MRI? My husband had an MRI. The neurologist reported that there were "no emerging dementia problems" she could see on the MRI. However, my husband has a diagnosis of Complex Sleep Apnea. He has mild cognitive impairments and he is exhibiting some movement problems (ie right arm does not swing when walking, scuffs his right foot, pills his first finger and thumb, beginning to see a forward head tilt, some tremor in his hand). Please advise. Thank you.

Aug 11, 2016 - 12:11 PM by Sue B

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