Don't Try to Control the Uncontroling

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Don't Try to Control the Uncontroling

Question, why try to control the uncontroling, meaning why get stressed out about things that doesn't have a solution that you can manufacture or a process in which the solution cannot be accelerated? For example if you're at the bank and there is a long line, why get upset and all worked up by the line? Is being upset going to make the line move any faster? By you being stressed out, will the clerk decide to work faster? Is raising your blood pressure going to magically move everybody out the way? The answer to these questions are simply, no. Sorry to burst your bubble but its the truth. For me, when I get in situations like this I like to change surroundings, metaphorically speaking. Like, I would put my headphones and listen to music because I believe sound dictates mood and behaviors and I would instantly disregard what is happening around me, lose track of time, and focus on my music. If I don't like the song that is playing on my iphone I can change that because that's something I can control. I have no control over the world. It's sad but it's true. Picking your battles is a big aspect of everyday life and figuring out what to stress about could really help smoothen out your days because let's be honest, who likes to be stress?


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