Chemo Part One

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Chemo Part One

I had myself geared up for much worse. It didn't take as long as I expected, which was good. One new thing that popped up today was the fact I had a 197 blood sugar test. I really don't think it was my lab work from yesterday, but rather from back in the beginning. So I have to go see my primary doctor to make sure I don't have the diabeetus. lol

I talked to a dietician as well. Turns out I have the only cancer that can actually make you fatter. WTF?! Seriously? Let's chop these killer boobs off ASAP.. there's about 10 pounds right there! (and for the record I'm not saying "killer" as in "Oohh sexy lady killer, I mean literally). I figure most of you probably knew that, I just feel better saying it.

So my goal is to lose 50 pounds. Personally I think that's way too much. By then I'll be looking like I have cancer with a side of rickets. But I'll play along for now. I've already lost 8 in a week in a half because I have to eat like some sort of rabbit type bird animal.

Wish me luck! The last thing we need is a flat chested, bald, fluffier version of me rolling around these parts!


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