Chapter 11: Why it's NOT the "Fatigue" Syndrome

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Chapter 11: Why it's NOT the "Fatigue" Syndrome

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Howard reflects on the power of names.


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Hi Howard. Thank you for your video. You raise a very valid point-- one that I hadn't thought of before. It is difficult to treat a condition that does not have a name. When a disease has a name, there is generally a collective body of knowledge of what that disease is, how it comes to be, and possibly how to treat it. Without a name, a healthcare provider oftentimes has to start from scratch, ruling out a variety of conditions. Medicine is an art and a science. When one receives a diagnosis, it is the healthcare providers best conclusion as to what the condition is based on years of clinical judgement, imaging and tests. The diagnosis is not necessarily an absolute truth. As a patient, I know how frustrating it is to go through various treatment plans, be diagnosed with various things, and after years, finally be diagnosed with the correct condition. As a future medical professional, I will think of what you said in my future practice. I am sorry for the disappointment and frustration that this often imperfect science can cause. (As an aside, for your followers, I would like to clarify that gastritis is not merely a stomach ache-- it is inflammation of the stomach lining. This term can help differentiate the cause of a stomach ache from other causes such as obstruction or malignancy.)

Oct 11, 2013 - 7:04 PM by Tina J

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