Campaign for T1 diabetes treatment within the UK!

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Campaign for T1 diabetes treatment within the UK!

Hello!! I am trying to run a campaign to make: -MPs aware of the pitfalls in NHS healthcare provided to diabetics, and in particular, type 1 diabetics. -raise awareness of diabetes, and in particular type 1. -ensure that health care for type 1 diabetics is equal across the whole of the UK, and not subject to a post code lottery as is at present. -ensure that CGM (continuous glucose monitors) become available to type 1 diabetics on the NHS as it will considerably improve patient outlook, reduce long term complications, and work out as economically beneficial in the long term for the NHS. Sign the petition here: Like the facebook group here: The petition will formally back up the campaign. The campaign will involve people sending the same letter, that I have written out, to their health care provision and local MP in a bid to get MPs talking about the problem, and raise awareness of the situation in which us, as diabetics, find ourselves. Even if you don't have diabetes, please do sign up, as every single signiture counts. Thanks! Becca x


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Thanks for the positive comments guys!! I really do want this campaign to take off. I am trying to get JDRF and Diabetes UK along side. A CGM would be, such a wonderful thing. I just can't even express how much it would change my life. Thank YOU for sharing. and i'm sorry you can't sign the petition :( UK law, I suppose, as it is a 'HM' official petition. We need 1,000 signitures for MP comment and 100,000 for it to get straight into parliament - so if friends, family, and their friends and family can sign, we can easily get it. Thanks x

Nov 15, 2012 - 12:16 PM by Rebecca S

I used to live in London so I have a lot of friends there still. I will be sending this information onto them right away- such as amazing cause and I heard a lot about some of these pitfalls in the NHS healthcare... Thanks for sharing!!

Nov 15, 2012 - 12:09 PM by Brian F

Becca, you're doing an amazing thing to raise awareness for T1D. I support you 100%. But unfortunately - You must be a British citizen or normally live in the UK to create or sign e-petitions. I will send the link to my friend who lives in the UK :)

Nov 15, 2012 - 12:05 PM by Ariel T

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