breast cancer diagnosis and donating my hair

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breast cancer diagnosis and donating my hair

The end of 2016 took an odd turn for me. I received an invitation to join a club - a club I did not wish to join and an invitation I could not refuse. Simply said, I was diagnosed with breast cancer just a few months before my 31st birthday. It was caught early and is very treatable! So many supportive people have been there with me through the uncertainty, the diagnosis, the consultations, and now finally having a treatment plan in place. Already, I feel so blessed to have the most incredible family and friends a girl could ask for. So, here we go, into 2017, into chemo, then surgery, then radiation. I enter this phase with positivity, grace, and humor. Well, I'm fairly clumsy so maybe not so much grace...but humor, definitely humor. Once my oncologist told me I would certainly lose my hair, I immediately decided to donate my hair to an organization called Children With Hair Loss. I figure if I'm going to lose my hair, I might as well give it away to someone who can truly use it before it tainted with chemo. I will try to give updates on this journey often.


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