Biography part 1 - the 1960s

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Biography part 1 - the 1960s

Note: I decided to break up my biography into decades. It makes it easier for me to write. This will be updated as soon as I write more.

Note: I intend these articles with malace toward none...

I would also like to open this up with "Everyone has a's mine":


…Actually I was born on August 6th, 1959 at Mercy Hospital in Rockville Centre, Long Island. I was the 4th attempt at a child for Julius and Dorothy Stankalis. The first attempt, in 1956, twin girls ended in having both of them stillborn. The second attempt was a spontaneous abortion at 3 months. When I was conceived, my mother’s doctor prescribed the “miracle drug” DES through the pregnancy.

I don't remember much of my early years, I was rather young then (Yes, that was from a Bugs Bunny cartoon…). My brother was born in 1961. We lived in Hempstead with our grandparents until 1964. Then a series of events occurred that would shape my life forever.

In July, My Grandfather died. My mother told my father that our grandmother will live with us. I guess he did not like that decision, because he left soon afterward. With our family then reduced by one third, we decided to pull up stakes and move to Lindenhurst, where I soon began school. Yes, we were part of the “white flight” In the mid-60s.

I was not known as a genius in my elementary school years. My report card grades averaged a C. The comments from the teachers were not helpful: “Donald needs to know that a chair is not made for kneeling”, “Donald should not use ‘I go here’, and use ‘I am going here’”. George was the scholar of the family, averaging a B+ in his report cards and getting comments like “George is so good… I wish I could ‘kidnap’ him” (remember, this was during the politically incorrect 1960s).


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