Alzheimer's Sucks!

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Alzheimer's Sucks!

About this video:

A little "interview" with Teyawna about Grammie and what we think about Alzheimer's.


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I want to tell you that your mom and her granddaughter r having a bonding moment. It's so nice to see that even though your mom doesn't understands she can still feel the love from you and the granddaughter. My mom is 88 years old and has the same beautiful smile like your mom. Thanks for for sharing these wonderful videos. It makes me smile god bless.

Feb 07, 2014 - 9:28 PM by Miriam T

Toni, I thank u for sharing this video because I know what you are going through. My father is alzheimer patient and I hope one day they do find a cure for it.

Nov 05, 2013 - 1:55 PM by Rosalind W

Toni, thank you very much for sharing this with us. Alzheimer's sucks and hopefully a cure can be found soon!

Nov 01, 2013 - 5:01 PM by Qi Z

I could not agree more... Alzheimer's does suck! Teyawna, just like your Grammie, my Mom has Alzheimer's. I like your video and hope to hear more from you. Enjoy your weekend and As Always - Be Well.

Nov 01, 2013 - 7:47 AM by David D

Your daughter is such an amazing little girl, it's great that she is there to support her mother even if your mother doesn't register who she is. That is true love!

Oct 30, 2013 - 4:49 PM by Amanda W

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