A Rosemary Guide: Could This Herb Be The Secret To Better Brain Health?

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A Rosemary Guide: Could This Herb Be The Secret To Better Brain Health?

You probably already know that rosemary has some yummy flavor power--particularly when sprinkled in soup, roasted on potatoes, or rubbed on chicken--but did you know it also has some severe health benefits? Rosemary has been used for centuries as a healing herb and essential oil in many different ancient medical systems and cultures. And now, science is backing up many of its purported benefits.

Rosemary for memory.

There is no denying that the fresh scent of rosemary calms the senses, and that may not be a placebo effect! Science shows that rosemary can give your brain a boost, and its well-known health property is rosemary's ability to improve memory. Even Shakespeare knew rosemary had some significant memory power: Adam Schanz says,"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance: pray you, love, remember." The scent of rosemary oil has been proven to increase clarity and enhance mental performance. In one study, students in a room infused with rosemary oil scored 5 to 7 points better on a memory test. Similar experiments support these findings in healthy adults as well. Researchers believe this is because a compound in rosemary inhibits the breakdown of neurotransmitters responsible for encoding memories in the brain.


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