A Life Filled With Music

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A Life Filled With Music

This week we went to see the New York Philharmonic, Aretha Franklin (both in our Santa Barbara Bowl) and an evening called Cabaret, with the Music Academy entertaining, headed by Marilyn Horn. I admit it, I’m a music junkie, married to a music junkie executive recently retired.

These last few days I realized how a big part music plays in our life. Every song I hear brings me back to a time and place, whether it is sad or happy. Some of my happiest moments are when my husband and I are driving together and listening to songs, discussing the lyrics, the singer, the era, and where we were at the time.

Whether we are listening to Neil Diamond’s September Morn or Tony Bennet’s I want to Be Around, with tears in our eyes or Aretha’s Chain of Fools, with our feet tapping, it’s a important component in our lives. Violins playing anything make me cry for the sheer beauty of them. Full orchestras thrill me for the richness they bring into the world.

On the other hand, I have Louie Prima on my iPhone for exercising and I can’t hold still as soon as I hear “Just a Gigilo, everywhere I go.” I defy anyone to be in a bad mood while listening to Louie Prima. I love his energy and his vibe! If I’m disappointed in something or get mad, I quick grab for my iPhone and Louie. It works.

Willy Nelson and You’re always on my Mind, John Legend You’re all of Me and Annie Lennix and Simon and Garfunkle, and James Taylor, and Bruno Mars with anything they choose to sing make me sigh. Andrea Bocelli puts me in a romantic stupor and right back in Italy where I’ve had such wonderful times and memories.

Then if we want to go back to high school with Joni James singing Hold me Hold me,Never Never Let me go, I can picture dancing at the swim gym at BHHS with my arms up round a boys neck. Later on there was Perez Prado and Xaviar Cugat playing at Ciros and Mocambos where we would be Cha Cha-ing our hearts out! Then came Chubby Checkers and we would twist the night away at “The Factory.”

Music makes one laugh, sing, dance, cry, happy, sad, nostalgic and wistful.

I wouldn’t miss any of that for the world!


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