A Champion in the Field of Medicine: Dr Vivek Baliga

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A Champion in the Field of Medicine: Dr Vivek Baliga

When it comes to the field of general medicine and cardiovascular diseases, Dr Vivek Baliga is one of the most recognised physicians in these particular fields. A renowned physician who completed his MBBS in India, he moved to the United Kingdom where he did his PhD and post-doctorate studies. He is an extremely talented personality who even wrote a lot of articles and books while pursuing his research work in one of the famous UK Universities.

He has won a lot of accolades and competition, making him one of the most successful Indian physicians. He is an incredibly gifted and a great human being, with a lot of charitable work under his name. The online blog site like HeartSense was created by Dr Vivek Baliga to help and give advice to those who are suffering from heart-related issues.

His works and services have received high accolades and respect in the field of medicine. Furthermore, any person suffering from cardiovascular infection or disease can get free and fast access to him online and get the required medical assistance.

Below are some of his great works, which will provide an outline regarding the man’s achievements and the reason behind so much of accolades and success.

* Publication of Sowkhya Magazine

Recently, he has written and published a lot about his work and regarding cardiovascular diseases in Sowkhya magazine. The magazine has been regarded as one of the 5th most successful of the year 2017 in the UK, the USA and many other countries.

* Baliga Diagnostics

This renowned physician even opened an institute in Bangalore. Baliga Diagnostics is regarded as one of the most modern institutes for cardiovascular diseases. Many Dr Vivek Baliga reviews have mentioned about the quality of treatment that patients receive at this healthcare centre.

* Writing blogs

Dr Baliga has started a health and wellness blog called HeartSense to provide some valuable tips and information related to numerous diseases. His primary purpose is to reach out to people all around the globe and help them with free information regarding heart-related diseases.

Besides this blog, Baliga has also written articles on diverse health-related topics to enhance the knowledge of not only patients but also every random individual. His prime motto is to create a scenario where people will be informed about their health from beforehand, do the needful to take care of their health and then come to doctors. Being informed gets half the job done.

* Social work and services

After living in the United Kingdom and studying in some of the prestigious institutes, Dr Vivek Baliga came back to the subcontinent so that he can serve the poor and the needy. He believed that his notable works in this field of general medicine and on cardiovascular diseases could be put in productive use in India. He even gave free health check-ups and advice to many people for free.

Dr Vivek Baliga reviews have extensively mentioned the charitable works that he keeps on doing worldwide especially in India. Even now, he continues to offer his valuable service to every person around the globe.


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