7 Major Reasons to Consider a Revision Rhinoplasty

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7 Major Reasons to Consider a Revision Rhinoplasty

Are you not happy with the outcomes of your nose job surgery? Do not feel dejected. All you have to do is meet your surgeon and see if it is possible to have a revision rhinoplasty. There are certain definite reasons for which individuals might consider opting for the said procedure. In the following write-up, I have mentioned some of those in details. Please do buy some and go through them.

Should I Undertake a Revision Rhinoplasty?

  • Nose Appears Thin or Broad- At times, after going through a primary rhinoplasty, patients feel that their nose looks either too broad or too thin. The surgery is all about reshaping the nose but exacting specifications in the foremost attempt is quite a challenging endeavor even for an experienced surgeon.

  • Hindering Nasal Airways- After primary rhinoplasty, patients often feel breathing troubles as the sutures obstruct the nasal passage. The surgery sometimes alters the internal structures causing the septum to deviate or perforate. Such a condition could aggravate snoring and even lead to sleep apnea.

  • Poor Shape of Nasal Tips- According to the top-notch medical professionals performing rhinoplasty in abroad, nasal tips are extremely difficult to reshape. The surgery, you opt for the first time, could drastically increase the height of nose and make nasal tips excessively pointy.

  • Narrowed Nostrils- Almost all patients after primary rhinoplasty feel the need of narrowing down their nostrils because they appear quite turned up. Such kinds of issues could be effectually resolved through a revision rhinoplasty.

  • A Change in Aesthetic Goals- Even if the primary rhinoplasty was performed, in accordance with the individuals’ needs and has successfully met their expectations, it could happen that with time, their aesthetic goals change, and they wish for something else. In such a case, it is viable to consider a revision rhinoplasty.

  • Infections- Patients could get infections after primary rhinoplasty. If not detected and treated immediately, the condition could damage nasal structures, weaken the septum, and lead to permanent saddling of nose. Doctors often recommend a revision rhinoplasty during this time.

  • Accidents- Post-operative care is necessary after primary rhinoplasty. Patients are advised to remain extremely careful especially during the first two to three weeks. However, there are times, due to negligence; patients often are subjected to accidental impact, due to which their cartilage and nasal bones break. Well, in such cases, they have no choice other than opting for a revision rhinoplasty, which could repair the injury.

The aforementioned pointers are conditions when people opt for revision rhinoplasty. Make sure to undertake this surgery in the overseas as the foreign nations are noted for having renowned clinics, which offer services at reasonable rates. Apart from low plastic surgery abroad price, most of these countries treasure proficient and experienced surgeons, who work dedicatedly, in order to provide you with desirable outcomes.


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