7 Amazing Hair Cuts that can Hide your Age Secret

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7 Amazing Hair Cuts that can Hide your Age Secret

The best part about long haircuts is that you can walk into a barber shop looking older and walk out looking much younger. Here are seven makeup ideas and amazing hairstyles that can help hide your age secret.

1. The Length and Shape

If you ask any hairstylist about the best haircut that will make you look much younger, they will tell you to face framing shape and soft hairs. Getting a similar effect in several lengths is possible. It is important to note that, collarbone-skimming strands can be flattering despite the type of hair or the age of an individual. Consider getting inspiration from renowned hairstylists or reading reviews online.

2. Lots of Layers

If you are looking to achieve the best shape for your haircut, it is essential to request lots of layers. Longer layers tend to soften the features and frame the face. Most hairstylists will advise you to avoid blunt haircuts because they are severe. Such haircuts may highlight every wrinkle and make trouble spots stand out. Additionally, layers tend to add volumes in some slides.

3. Bring out the Bangs

Bangs have for the longest time been associated with youth. Also, they tend to make the forehead lines to disappear faster than wrinkle creams. Russo, a professional hairstylist, says that bangs are a stylish and a great way to keep your age a secret by hiding lines. Also, they help you maintain an excellent haircut. Ask for soft bangs that perfectly blend with your hair.

4. Volume is Key

It is important to note that, your hair will get thinner as you grow older, so you need to take care of your hair while doing activites like swimming, cooking, exercising etc. Additionally, sparse hair strands tend to make people appear much older. For this reason, ask for a haircut that builds lots of volumes into the hair. The amount will enhance your hair’s thickness making you appear younger. Make use of home makeup ideas to achieve more hair volume. You can improve the size of your nose by applying some root-lifting sprays near your hairs’ roots.

5. Make your Ends Look Healthy

Remember that, right hair ends mean younger looking ends. Consider telling your hairstylist not to cut your hair ends. Hair end cutting causes the hair to become fizzy making it break much faster compared to a haircut with shears. Also, you can opt for hair conditioning formulas to make your hair ends smoother and younger looking. Such treatments strengthen your weak hair strands and reinforce them from possible hair breakage.

6. Remember Color

Even if you get a great haircut and fail to work on the color, you will have an unattractive haircut. Women should consider making their hair lighter to look younger. This helps boost their looks and provides them with a youthful vibe. However, this does not necessarily imply that all women should be blonde. Go for lighter hair colors and avoid solid colors since they can be harsh and unflattering around your face. For this reason, consider asking for lowlights and highlights.

7. Style Right

After getting the perfect haircut, it is important to style it in soft and youthful ways. If you have styling problems, do not hesitate to ask around preferably from hairstylists. Most stylists will recommend low ponytails with a lot of volumes at the crowns. You could as well go for the messy chignon, which helps keep your hair romantic and loose. This style makes you look softer around the face. Also, it is wise to avoid wearing a similar hairstyle every day. The repeated hairstyle is annoying and can make you appear older.


Most people are now turning to getting great haircuts to keep their age a secret. Great haircuts can help hide wrinkles and goes a great way to define the jawline of an individual. Also, it helps enhance the cheekbones.




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