18 Awesome Apps To Help Your Mental Health

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18 Awesome Apps To Help Your Mental Health

As a person that struggles with anxiety, OCD, and depression, I have used a large variety of tools to improve my mental health. Throughout my life, I have visited therapists, participated in meditation, taken yoga classes, read self-help books, etc. None of these methods ever completely ended my anxious thoughts or hateful inner monolog, but they would help to provide relief. Whenever I hit a rough patch, I had a backlog of things that I could do that would help me get out of any murky thoughts that would come to bother me.

Recently, I started my freshman year of college, which was a huge change since I was coming from a seven-year all-girls school. This big change in environment triggered my anxieties and caused a great decline in my mental health. With the stress of a new school, new classes and having to make new friends, my usual methods of working through stressful thoughts would not work anymore.

Thus, I began looking into apps that are made specifically for people who struggle with OCD, anxiety or any other form of mental health disorders. I made this list to share with others ways they can use apps on their devices to work through having a brighter and healthier mental health.

At the end of the day, there are so many apps to choose from but you have to find the right one or ones that work for you.


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