10 Reasons to Prefer Vaping over Smoking

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10 Reasons to Prefer Vaping over Smoking

Vaping is a new fad. However, speaking logically, vaping offers a range of benefits over smoking.

Are you a novice, or want to switch to vaping but are not sure whatsoever? Well, we just got you covered! Here are a few powerful reasons to quit smoking by taking on vaping are:

1. It is way too economical

Undoubtedly, vaping is much cheaper than smoking. Taking into consideration that a single e-cigarette can last a lifetime compared to traditional cigarettes, it saves you a fortune. For this, all you need to do is buy a device which suits your requirement and budget and the flavors you like and you are sorted. E-cigarettes might sound like too much investment in the earlier stages, but it is surely not going to burn a hole in your pocket. But, they last longer, are durable and prove cost-effective in the long run.

This goes without saying that one should switch to vaping and save money.

2. Gives you the push to quit the habit

Vaping is one of the safest and the best methods to quit smoking. It is better than nicotine patches and definitely better than your self-control of trying to smoke less. Vaping allows you to choose the amount of nicotine that you wish to consume. E-cigarettes can help you do away with your habit eventually by reducing the nicotine consumption slowly and gradually.

This pretty much sums up that you should switch to vaping from smoking if you want to quit your habit of smoking altogether!

3. The different flavors save you from having a bad breath or foul smell

Vaping allows you to enjoy a range of flavors. E-liquids have different flavors and strengths such as fruity, creamy and the like. These flavors not only enhance your vaping experience but also help you get rid of any foul smell after you smoke the e-cigarette.

Furthermore, because it is only vapor, unlike traditional cigarettes the smell of tobacco does not stick to your clothes. This, in turn, ensures that you do not carry a foul smell with you and repel people around you. This is the reason why smoking e-cigarettes or vaping in public is widely accepted with fewer restrictions.

4. One can decide the nicotine strength they want to indulge in

Vaping allows the individual to customize their cigarette. This means that you cannot just adjust the flavor, but you can also select the vaping nicotine strength as well. Thus, vaping is a very probable option for smokers willing to bring their rampant smoking habit under control. You can initially begin by using as much nicotine content in the e-cigarette as you would on a normal day and then start reducing the amount as days pass by. This would help you to reduce the intake of tobacco and might as well get rid of the habit in future.

5. Safety first

Studies across the globe have shown that when compared to the huge number of chemicals that are present in the traditional cigarettes such as nicotine, methanol, butane, benzene and so on, e-cigarette carries only a few of them. Thus, chances for tar formation in various organs of the body and causing deadly diseases like Cancer is reduced to a considerable extent when you take e-cigarettes into consideration. Vaping is expected to be about 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.

6. Safer for the people around you

Smoking exposes the people around you to the harmful threats due to it passive smoking. However, in the case of e-cigarettes, the chances of exposing people around you to harmful smoke are almost zero. Thus, vaping lets you enjoy smoking guilt-free.

7. Socially accepted

One might raise an objection to your smoking habits but when it comes to an e-cigarette, this is taken care of. There are places which prohibit smoking. However, fewer rules are imposed on e-cigs. Say, for example, if you are on a plane, you can easily smoke an e-cigarette which is charged compared to traditional cigarettes that are generally prohibited.

8. Environment friendly

As already mentioned, e-cigarettes for vaping are much more eco-friendly as they do not release many chemicals in the form for vapor as compared to a traditional cigarette. Furthermore, the hassle of tapping the ash or the cigarette butt is taken care of as well. The amount of smoke liberated from an e-cigarette is much less compared to a traditional one and thus the possibilities of polluting the environment are also reduced considerably.

9. Does not alter your appearance

So, what is appearance? Here we are talking about your teeth, nails, and the like. They are stained when exposed to the tobacco for a long period of time. Conditions of dryness of hair are also reported as one of the consequences of cigarette smoking. This changes the appearance of an individual over time. However, this is not the case with vaping.

10. Vaping is classier

Smoking e-cigarettes is the trend of the generation and it is much more sophisticated and classy compared to the traditional cigarettes. There are numerous devices available for vaping and each one of them is customizable. You can also bring down your nicotine level really quick.

All this makes vaping a better option than smoking.

Wrapping Up

All these reasons make vaping a safer and better alternative to smoking. Buy your device, pick your vaping liquid and decide on your nicotine strength, fill it in the device and you are good to go. Each device lasts a lifetime; all you need to do is fill in the vaping liquid once it is over. Lead a safer life, choose vaping over smoking.


Reasons why vaping is given preference over smoking? Vaping is safer and provides a wide variety of e-liquids with different flavors and strengths to choose from.


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