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Privatized Health Care

by John B

Recap of my recent hospital trip to prepare for surgery.

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h360 Daily Dose: Meditate Without Sitting Still

by Team healtheo360

Dave and Courtland from healtheo360 talk about various forms of meditation that do not require one to sit still.  Get moving and achieve zen b...

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h360 Daily Dose: Lose Sleep, Lose Your Mind and Health

by Team healtheo360

Dave and Courtland from healtheo360 explain some of the health risks of not getting an adequate amount of sleep.

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What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Nonstick Cookware

by Sally W

The number of nonstick cookware brand seem to be growing day in day out. With the trendy way that nonstick cookware are being purchased at homes.

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Living with Brain Cancer

by Patrick P

Here is a story about when I found out about my Brain cancer.

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Life Happens.....

by Tom P

Well...first off I want to thank everyone here for sharing their stories. It definitely helps put things in to perspective. The passed couple weeks...

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Part 2: Medication and Misconceptions

by Tonya B

Tonya compares her aunt's behavior when she is on her medication versus when she skips a dose.  The meds seem to make her sociable and gen...

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Campaign for T1 diabetes treatment within the UK!

by Rebecca S

Hello!! I am trying to run a campaign to make: -MPs aware of the pitfalls in NHS healthcare provided to diabetics, and in particular, type 1 diabet...

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Stir fry with spaghetti squash! YUMM! Diabetic friendly!

by Jeremy B

Today is my birthday! I am 36 today, and I still love my birthday as much as I did when I was 6! Being the cook of the house means that I get to co...

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h360 Daily Dose: The Healthiest Way to Eat Sushi

by Team healtheo360

Dave and Courtland from healtheo360 explain how to enjoy sushi without consuming any unnecessary calories.

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Ways to make your life better with the help of natural ingredients

by Sally W

Early humans did not have all the modern technology to help them out yet, they got all their work done and maintained their health in optimum levels.

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Simple steps to speed up your post-op healing

by Elise M

Just the sound of the word "operation" is intimidating. Everyone who have had knows all the pain, torment and anxiety that comes with it and after it.

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Success Story

by Shannon D

Today I experienced firsthand how Axona can affect the lives of both patients and caregivers. I was in a neurology practice in Richmond, VA and was...

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Fighting Metastatic Breast Cancer - A Day At The Park

by Michelle K

Going to the park is great therapy for me. I enjoy being in nature and meditating on positive things. I started a new cancer treatment and was feel...

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Uncovering Ground on PS and Dance

by Leslie C

I met with Jenni today, my partner-in-crime on discovering new techniques in dance to make a fun and fruitful exercise regimen. It turns out, there...

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