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Broken promise
by Barbara J

My father is 86 years old and has Lewy Body dementia with Parkisonism, They hallucinations, tremors, confusion and falls are getting more frequent, I ...

Miracles Abound in Lemon Grove California (or wheat grass heaven)
by Beverlye H

As you all know, I have struggled with psoriasis (P) for a couple of years now so when a friend of mine suggested that we go to a Detox Center I jumpe...

Part 5 - Communicating to family and friends about breast cancer
by Lori R

In this video, Lori and Dennis share their tips and insights on communicating with family and friends about breast cancer.

Get To Know Me! (TMI Tag)
by Danica B

This is not a diabetes video! Just answering some questions so you get to know more about me. :D Idea suggested by: Manoya Barcelona QUESTIONS! ...

Part 3 - How did your family react to Mom's Alzheimer's diagnosis?
by Mark P

In this 360Interview, Mark shares his insights on communicating to family about Mom's Alzheimer's disease.

Part 5 - Diet and Nutrition for Parkinson's Disease
by Vito C

In this video, Vito and Rosanne discuss how has Parkinson's changed Vito's diet.

Part 4 - Tips for newly diagnosed patients with breast cancer
by Lori R

In this video, Lori shares her tips and insights on coping with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Alzheimer's Caregiver Special Video
by Team healtheo360

Alzheimer's Caregiver Video Series: My Life as a Caregiver. In this special video, Mark, the caregiver's goal is to share insights into car...

Reading Glasses For Computer
by janina s

Reading Glasses for Computer or Progressive Lenses for Computer? Which glasses are best for the Computer?

Wisdom Teeth and Diabetes!
by Danica B

Store: http://www.diabeticdanica.spreadshirt... Follow me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook: http://www.faceboo...

Part 2 - How was your Mom diagnosed with Alzheimer's?
by Mark P

In this 360Interview, Mark shares his insights on Mom's diagnosis: - How was your mom diagnosed? - How long did it take to receive the Alzheime...

My life i guess
by Lidia R

Ive exhibited anxiety and depressed symptoms since i was 5 years old. Full on depression first hit me when i was 9 years old and i had just started fi...

Part 4 - Tips for Newly Diagnosed Patients with Parkinson's Disease
by Vito C

In this video, Vito shares his tips on communication, workplace, diet and exercise with newly diagnosed patients with Parkinson's.

2014 Pancreatic Cancer Walk New York City
by Team healtheo360

Team healtheo360 joined the Lustgarten Foundation's 4th annual Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk at Clinton Cove Park on Sunday, April 6, 2014. W...

Part 3 - What went through your mind when you were diagnosed with breast cancer?
by Lori R

In this video, Lori discusses the various thoughts and emotions that went through her mind when she heard the breast cancer diagnosis.

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