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Measles Virus Therapy for Cancer Documentary on HBO tonight (02/27/2015)

by Musole K

VICE founder and host Shane Smith follows pioneering researchers across the U.S. — including specialists from the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center...

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Part 1 - Life before the diagnosis

by Tara G

In this first installment of her 360 Interview, Tara tells us about her life before her diagnosis and the businesses she started.

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I made it to my son's 8th bday! :)

by Sarah E. B

I am happy to still be here

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2015 Brooten Bash!

by Team healtheo360

Team healtheo360 is amazed with Kyle Brooten for defeating testicular cancer and organizing the Brooten Bash, where he raised funds for the Memorial S...

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My Mom My Hero

by Lisa H

This is my first entry and I just wanted to share this clip with you to introduce myself and my mom. It was taken 8 years ago and thankfully mom & I a...

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New Animas Vibe was Approved!!!

by Danica B

So exciteddddd about the new Animas Vibe that integrates with a Dexcom G4! :D [Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by Animas. These are my honest ...

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Grammie Whisperer Tip #8 Respite Videos

by Toni W

Respite videos are a great tool to use when you need to make a meal or take a shower and can't be right with your loved one. These videos are engaging...

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Part 2 - Noticing that something was wrong

by Lauren N

In this 360 interview, Lauren recalls how she started to notice that something was wrong.

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Grading on a Curve

by Lori R

For the purpose of this story you are going to be a college student. Let’s say you were just told that you are going to be taking an exam. A pop qui...

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Living with Depression

by Kriss S

Depression is very painful. It's common to feel alone when your loved ones don't understand.

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Quotes that I repeat in my head, when feeling down or leading a crew of artists

by Matthew M

I think about these all the time when going into a creative process or feeling like everything and everyone is against me. "Accepting something i...

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FDA knew devices spread fatal "superbug" since 2009, but did not order fix - via Reuters

by Musole K

The equipment at the center of this "super bug" are manufactured by Olympus, the same company that manufactured the equipment from the 2013 and 2014.

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Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation Annual Kickoff!

by Team healtheo360

Team healtheo360 attends the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation's Annual Kickoff event!

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Part 6 - What was the recovery process like?

by David N

In this 360 interview, David tells us about the recovery process for his first cancer surgery.

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Part 6 - How did it feel to "grow up" in a hospital?

by Alix F

In this 360 interview, Alix recalls her experiences "growing up" in the hospital.

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