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I am the daughter of an Alzheimer's Patient. About 15 or so years ago my Mother was diagnosed with AD. My father is the main caregiver to my mother but my husband and four boys are actively involved in my mothers care. AD is a terrible condition that robs the later years of not only the patients life, but effects the entire family each and every day. My hope is that we will find a cure for this condition in my lifetime.
Alzheimer's Disease (AD) - Caring For A Loved One

In The Beginning

My storybook will begin with a prelude of my life as a "sandwich generation" daughter. I will add stories of life before alzheimer's ...

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Reality Check

This past week we had another "reality check" in the life of the "sandwich generation." My dad was scheduled for an outpatient ...

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The Cabin

The cabin is a place where our family goes to get away from our everyday life. We have no mail, cable, or even full time cell service. It is a plac...

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