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I have epilepsy since I was young. I deal with seizures and incontinence every day
Epilepsy - Living And Working With My Condition

(Epilepsy) Teddy keeps me calm before & after Seizures

My Teddy bear helps me keep calm when I think I am about to have a seizure, it also helps axiety when I come out of one.

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Epilepsy in the Work Place

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Explaining My Incontinence

There are a lot of people who don't understand why a person like me has to wear adult diapers. In this video I explain that some people with epilepsy ...

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Morning: Getting Ready

This video shows how long it takes me to get up, and get ready for my day. Everything from waking up to showering and getting dressed. These things...

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Repurposed & Reused

Using a hobby of repurposing old items to stay buisy. Making myself usefull

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The Loss of Mans Best Friend

Losing a my dog and best friend

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Epilepsy - Caring For A Loved One

Disability or Ability

Even if you have a disabilty, you have the ability to do anything you want

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Epilepsy Support System

Having people around for encouragement and support.

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Epilepsy - Motivation & Support

Gardening A Great Epileptic Hobby

Gardening is a great way to reduce stress and also reduce chances of deizures. Gardening is peaceful and calming to the soul.

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Epilepsy - Medications, Medical Devices & Medical Procedures

Product Review: Reusable Bed Pads 35 X 47

Because of my seizures I have to deal with incontinence. To protect my bed and covers I use reusable bed pads. 35 x 47 inch. The best place to get th...

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