Jenn L.

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Cancer survivor. Mom, wife, lover of food, the outdoors, and helping others.
Headaches & Migraines - Diet & Nutrition

Tips For Eating Healthy Even While Traveling

Even on vacation, you may find yourself less energized and feeling unwell. I have found that this is due to eating unhealthy, but there are solutions!

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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) - Exercise & Fitness

5 Ways the Elderly can Protect Their Joints

While getting older can have its upside, it also has major drawbacks, such as joint pain. There are many things you can do yourself to stay healthy.

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Stroke - Caring For A Loved One

Why Knowing First Aid is Important for You

First Aid is a skill that can benefit anyone with any health condition, and could help save a life.

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Other - Caring For A Loved One

Self-Care is Essential, Not Selfish

The importance of self-care and the effects that it can have in your life.

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Misc. Stories - Diet & Nutrition

5 Easy Ways To Get Healthy That Anyone Can Do

There's no time like the present to kick old, bad habits and embrace new ones, so don't wait until a "good time."

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How Plastic and Recycling Impacts Our Health

  Although it's recyclable, plastic is not good for the environment or our health. Most plastic products are designed to be disposable...

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The Most Recommended Dairy Free Foods of 2017

I have had difficulty with lactose in the past and here are some of the things I do to avoid lactose in my daily life.

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Misc. Stories - Living And Working With My Condition

Surviving Cancer: Managing Emotions After Treatment

I've had cancer many times. These are the tricks I have found to managing emotions.

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Misc. Stories - Lifestyle Changes

5 Ways To Help Prevent Lung Cancer

Almost everyone has been affected by someone who has cancer. Keep these steps in mind with you and your loved ones.

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Misc. Stories - Exercise & Fitness

Hazards of Snowboarding In Utah

Outdoor enthusiasts around the globe love the experience and thrill that comes with in snowboarding.

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Misc. Stories - Caring For A Loved One

5 Easy Workouts You Can Do From Home

  There are many quick, effective workout exercises today that could help you eliminate all that fat in your body but at the same time imp...

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Misc. Stories - Newly Diagnosed

Are You Getting the Right Medical Treatment?

There are numerous people who struggle with health issues. In our current healthcare system, it is difficult to find the right treatment options for c

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