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Type 1 diabetic since 2008. I'm also a 20 year old physical geography student, in my final year at Royal Holloway, University of London. This sort of sums me and diabetes up:
Diabetes - Type 1 - Caring For A Loved One

A Day In The Life Of A T1 Diabetic

I am a 20 year old student with type 1 diabetes and I have made a video to help raise awareness of the condition, and just how much it impacts our ...

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Diabetes - Type 1 - Living And Working With My Condition

Diabetes and illness

I haven't posted since uploading my video, which I am pleased to see has resulted in a few comments and kudos'! Thank you for that! If you ...

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Diabetes - Type 1 - Medications, Medical Devices & Medical Procedures

Campaign for T1 diabetes treatment within the UK!

Hello!! I am trying to run a campaign to make: -MPs aware of the pitfalls in NHS healthcare provided to diabetics, and in particular, type 1 diabet...

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