Our Human Spirit Award

Rules for Submission

  1. Contact information must be provided for the person you are nominating for the award as well as for yourself. If you do not know the individual you are nominating, try your best to find the contact information so healtheo360 can reach out to them if need be
  2. You can nominate someone of any age
  3. Groups or organizations may not be nominated
  4. You may not nominate yourself
  5. You can nominate more than one person
  6. The submission form is not a means of voting, so only submit your nomination for each individual one time
  7. A good nominee is someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty within the healthcare community or community in which they live. They are also someone who makes a selfless effort to positively influence the lives of others
  8. An ideal candidate is someone who puts aside their own health diganoses to better the lives of others
  9. Each nomination will be read and chosen by a healtheo360 panel. The winners will be recognized on our site and will be sent an Our Human Spirit Champions framed certificate

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