Your cancer journey is a teacher: it's your story, not your baggage

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A Letter to My Younger Self By Somer Greene To mark Childhood Cancer Survivor Month, 24-year-old Somer Greene offers the advice and consolation she wishes she had received when faced with a diagnosis of hereditary diffuse gastric cancer.

••• Dear Somer, I know that the world seems as if it is ending, but I’m here to reassure you that it’s not.

I know “shattering” sounds just as scary, but it is in these broken pieces where you’ll find the light come flooding in.

Your recovery process will not be smooth, and you’ll experience some complications.

After this surgery, you’ll experience the world as you never have before.

This experience is teaching you how to be still, and no matter what is going on externally, internally you can always find peace.

You’ll find the gentle moments in recovery too: Your feet will kiss the earth when you learn to walk again after surgery (and you won’t have to use that walker forever!).

You’ll learn how to let the world reveal itself to you.

But a cancer cell is a cell that goes insane, disconnecting from its natural programming and going off to do its own thing instead.” Let this serve you throughout your journey, and remind you that you cannot heal on your own.

As you learn to heal, others learn to heal.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga

Source: blogs.stjude.org

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