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With a gift from the late Paul Allen, his philanthropy launches ambitious plan to probe human immunology

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his past July, philanthropist Paul Allen spent hours grilling his team about an ambitious plan they were hatching: Expanding the Allen Institute — the Seattle-based scientific research organization he founded and funded — to add a new division that would probe the mysteries of the human immune system.

Allen died three months later of septic shock stemming from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

With Allen’s gift, the Allen Institute for Immunology will hire 70 in-house scientists and operations staffers, partner with five clinical research groups, and become a new part of Allen’s legacy.

The goal: to better understand normal variation in the human immune system — and what goes awry when people get sick.

“We aim to try to truly understand what [immune health] is.

The partners will contribute patient samples while also collaborating scientifically.

The new immunology division marks a significant expansion of the Allen Institute, which has about 300 scientists studying brain science and nearly 70 studying cell science.

Bumol’s 70-person team will include the usual ingredients of a research organization: two large biology groups working on experimental immunology and molecular biology, as well as a small research administration staff.

It will also include a significant investment in computational biologists and information technology specialists — an effort to honor Allen’s request that the researchers prioritize mining data in search of insight about the mechanism of disease.

Bumol worked as a consultant to help the Allen Institute develop the plans for the new division before he joined to lead it this past March.

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