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This genius device is better than flossing--and much more fun

 4 months ago       61 Views

We’ve all been there: Sitting in the dentist’s chair when the hygienist asks that critical question. “Have you been flossing daily?”

It’s a passive-aggressive question. What they really want to say is, “I wouldn’t be digging in this one spot over and over with a very sharp object if you would just floss!”

Look, your intentions are good. You mean to floss. You want to floss. You occasionally floss. But it gets late, and you’re so tired — you work hard — and you just want to go to bed. And even though you know the road to plaque is paved with good intentions, it just isn’t happening. And we get it.

It’s time for a new strategy.

That strategy is the Aqua Flosser Rechargeable Water Flosser, a kinder, gentler way to remove food caught between teeth. It also happens to be incredibly effective, healthy for your gums and downright fun to use.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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