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The surprising reason to pack a tennis ball in your carry-on

 2 years ago       819 Views

Lavender essential oil? Check. Moisturizer? Check. Chic headphones?

A tennis ball.

Ali Ghoz, MD, a London-based surgeon, told Daily Star that the ball make is the perfect tool for stretching mid-flight and massaging painful knots and muscle aches. (Because you can only crawl over your neighbor to walk it off so many times before they start to hate you.)

If you have a tennis ball, Dr. Ghoz said you can increase circulation in your body by rolling it everywhere from your shoulders and lower back to legs and the bottoms of your feet, as well as any other trigger points.

Ghoz also noted you can use other methods too: “If you don’t have a massager, you can use your hands to stroke your muscles from the ankles upward, which will get the blood flowing back to your heart,” he told Daily Star.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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