Study says breastfeeding could lower mom's risk of heart disease, stroke

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Study says breastfeeding could lower mom's risk of heart disease, stroke.

For mothers, benefits of breastfeeding can include weight loss and lower risk of ovarian cancer.

In the observational study, researchers analyzed data on 289,573 women in China and found that those who breastfeed were almost 10% less likely to develop heart disease and stroke than mothers who said they had never breastfed.

The study found that there was an even lower risk for those who breastfed their babies for two years or more.

While there is a lot of research about the positive effects of breastfeeding for babies, ranging from strengthened immune systems to fewer allergies, there isn't as much research on the effects on mothers, according to Lori Blauwet, director of the cardio-ob clinic at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

She notes that another study found a similar link between breastfeeding and heart health, but only for mothers who practiced it for two years or longer.

She notes that studies just point to an association between breastfeeding and lower heart disease risk, but neither study mean that women who choose not to breastfeed or can't will develop heart issues.

Author: Mary Bowerman

Source: usatoday.com

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