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Researchers take major step in eliminating cancer without harming healthy tissue

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A major advance towards targeting cancer without harming healthy tissue has been discovered by University of Bristol researchers.

The team has found a way to exploit hypoxia (reduced oxygen levels) -- a condition which occurs during the development of many common cancers and drives their progression and spread.

The team sought to understand how cancer cells adapt to hypoxic conditions, with the hope of finding new ways to stop cancers growing and spreading.

Using human cancer cells grown in dishes and a technique called proteomics, the team examined all the proteins that are 'switched on' by cancer cells in hypoxia.

These experiments enabled the team to identify a new signaling mechanism that in the future could be therapeutically targeted to kill cancer cells without harming the surrounding normal cells.

Dr Alexander Greenhough, who led the Cancer Research UK-funded study from Bristol's School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, found that using genetic techniques to stop cancer cells 'switching on' a specific receptor (GPRC5A) when oxygen levels are low triggered cancer cell death.

This work advances our knowledge of hypoxic cancer cell behavior and take us a step closer towards developing novel therapies that could achieve this goal.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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