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Rare Tick Located In Union County

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The East Asian tick, also known as the longhorned tick or bush tick, was found at the Watchung Reservation in Union County, state officials said.

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture says it's working with federal officials to eliminate the tick and contain its spread to the surrounding areas.

The tick was initially located in November in Hunterdon County.

This species can carry several bacterial and viral diseases, and has been associated with spotted fever rickettsioses, authorities said.

Officials say property owners within a three-kilometer radius of the property where the tick was found will get questionnaires to gather information vital to the investigation.

Like deer ticks, the nymphs of the Longhorned tick are very small (resembling tiny spiders) and can easily go unnoticed on animals and people.

This tick is known to infest deer and a wide range of other hosts.

This type of tick is a

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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