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Pancreatic Cancer: Should You Opt for Palliative Care?

 8 months ago       108 Views

Roberta Luna was diagnosed with inoperable stage 3 pancreatic cancer in 2002. Now 63, Luna was all too familiar with the disease. She’d already lost her grandmother, parents, and an uncle to it. Luna was luckier. While her disease was too advanced to be cured, it could be controlled. She and her doctors have kept it at bay for the past 16 years with chemotherapy.

Luna does live with an array of symptoms and side effects related to her disease and treatment, however. Among the symptoms she contends with are pain, nausea, fatigue, and numbness in her hands. Thanks to palliative care, an approach that focuses not on treatment of cancer per se, but rather on treatment of symptoms and side effects through methods that range from yoga to pain medication, the California resident has been able to keep up with interests that include half-marathons and skydiving.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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